Our Story

We are an entire community – individuals, families, churches, city/local government, civic organizations, coming together to solve and serve the poor as God calls us.

ABC was originally started by current Executive Director, Charles Kodua-Nyamekye. From a humble country-side background in Africa, Charles has experiential knowledge of abject poverty, hunger and child labor. However, the opportunity to form a nonprofit, according to Charles, was during United Nations studies at LIU-Brooklyn. ABC was therefore registered in September, 2018, and has since grown in programs and personnel.

Mission, Vision & Values

These are our building blocks, and the reason we exist. They drive our core programming offer, shape our outreach and are recognizable in the very fabric of the building and spaces we are transforming.


To eradicate poverty by overcoming the injustice and inequity that cause it. In so doing, we help the disabled, deprived and disadvantaged people live richer and meaningful lives.

Above all, serving as a hub for exchange of ideas around culture, business, and policy related to the continent, and in the spirit of collaboration and engagement with individuals and institutions who share our values, ABC inspires enthusiasm, advances thought and action around Africa’s global influence and impact on our collective and shared futures.


We envision a world without poverty in which every person can blossom in his or her God-given potential and exercise his or her right to a life of dignity.


To achieve this mission of the organization and all its members, officers and/or employees, shall be governed by the following core values:

Recognizing the innate dignity and worth of all people and the value of diversity.

Requiring us to work to ensure that every person irrespective of sex, age, race, color, class and religion has equal opportunity for expression and utilizing their potential.

The capacity to appreciate what others think and feel.

The recognition of the worth of each person and the treatment of individual rights and preferences with respect, honor and fairness.

The celebration, respect and embracing of the differences among us because these differences strengthen and define us.

The continual emphasis on innovation, increasing knowledge, and delivering the highest quality supports and services.

The foundation on which trust is built and truth is communicated.

Our Partners

ABC is always looking to engage with other state, national and global organizations that help us further refine and expand our work. Currently, our proud partners are the following​

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