We are an entire community – individuals, families, churches, city/local government, civic organizations, coming together to solve and serve the poor as God calls us.

Our Focus

What We Do

Universal Education

Educated communities are healthier, more sustainable, and less vulnerable to economic volatility.

Community Transformation

Children need families, families need communities, and communities need the city. ABC is a place where all of these come together and opportunities are created for transformation.

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Immigration Support Services

In order to assist clients in achieving legal status, economic self-sufficiency, as well as, becoming fully active participants in the social and civic life of our communities, ABC offers a variety of services both before the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) and the immigration court

Other Ways to Help

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Our Partners

ABC is always looking to engage with other state, national and global organizations that help us further refine and expand our work. Currently, our proud partners are the following​

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